Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pre-Show Jitters

Hello Pieceful Quilters!

The show has come and gone, and judging by the positive comments I have been getting, I would have to say it was a success. Not too bad for a little quilt shop that has only been in business 3 years! I did sort of fail to get the pictures I had planned to take. The day just went by too fast! If you have pictures taken during the show, in digital format, I would love to have them to post on the blog!
Here are a few pictures I took of our volunteers while they were hanging the show. It was quite an undertaking, since we didn't really have any idea how our plans were going to work out. It will go much faster next year, I am sure!

Dawn & Vonnie prepare an almost finished quilt for display.
The quilts on the wall to the left are the small version of this year's Mystery Quilt.
Almost everyone finished their quilt this year, and many made it in time for the show!
Good work Mysterious Girls!
Look at Vonnie smile - you can't even tell she is about ready to fall over from exhaustion!
These girls worked HARD!
How about that fabulous Yellow Brick Road made from Lancaster County fabrics.
Who said Reproduction quilts had to be dark and dirty?!?
Stacie's Evil Twin - Scary, isn't she?

Demi - not her butt - I was being nice!
Don't the quilts look fabulous hanging behind her?
That first one is a Snippet Stew quilt - I think that was Nancy Dlugosz's
I could be wrong - it's my pattern, though!

Stacie and Roy (aka Kevin) hanging Jan Griffith's beautiful "Fit to be Geese" quilt
that she made in our class, from Monique Dillard's pattern.
Monique donated a lot of cool stuff for our prizes from her company,
Open Gate Quilts.
Katie puts the final price tags on the samples for sale. We will plan to have a more publicized Sample Sale at another time. Maybe at the Open House next April - don't quote me....
Dawn again - who worked tirelessly to help us hang the show, and all along the way.
That is her Purple People Heater Quilt behind her. Can you believe that most of the fabric came from Pieceful Gathering? Dawn always seems to find the light in the darkness....

Thanks to all who helped with the show in so many ways!
Quilters are the BEST!

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