Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Monday, March 30, 2009

My "Peeps"

Strictly for your amusement....

When we were at the staff retreat we somehow got on the subject of my "People" - as in "I have people for that," or "have your people call my people." Anyway, I guess there is some commercial where someone calls them, "My Peeps." Kind of lame, but mildly amusing. So one of my "Peeps" got some Peeps for me, and here they are:

My Peeps - Aren't they cute?

Knew you would like them!


Fairfax County Patriotic Quilt

Wow - Deb made up this gorgeous quilt using Jo Morton's Free Download pattern. It turned out so much prettier than the picture on the Andover website. She will be using it in her Triangles class next session - I bet that one is going to fill up fast!

Don't forget - Early Discount Registration Day is this Saturday, April 4th.

See you there - Carrie

Seneca Shirtings from Jo Morton

At last we have received Jo Morton's Senaca Shirtings. I was beginning to wonder if they had lost our order. Just as I was going to call, they arrived. Although they are not real typical of Jo's usual dark, rich looking fabrics, they will work really well with a lot of our other reproductions. If you were at my Snippet Stew demo last month, you will want to get a bundle of these for "Stewed at the Cabin." They will be perfect!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pieceful Auction a Big Success!

The Pieceful Auction has come and gone - can you believe it? We did much better this year than last year, keeping the general confusion to a minimum - and we got some ideas that will make it run even better next year! People went home with lots of neat stuff, along with a few interesting things. I relieved more guilt by getting rid of several unfinished projects that I started at "Another Shop," before my life as a quilt shop owner got underway. I know I would never have finished any of them, so I hope someone else will get some fun out of finishing them. We just took a few pictures before our camera quit, but we may be getting more from Demi. The ones we took are below.

Who is this lunatic? (The one on the stairs, that is)

They never listen this well during our classes, clubs and demos.
Maybe we need to give out more free junk!
Don't throw away your extra Pieceful Bucks - they will still be good for next year's
Pieceful Auction
Hope to see you in the shop soon,