Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Stew!

Hello Pieceful Quilters,

I just wanted to share the latest Snippet Stew with you. I am really excited about this one. It may even be my favorite so far. We liked it so much that we are going to kit it for Rosemont.

Here is a picture of it - the real one isn't quite done, but this will give you an idea of what it is going to look like:

We used the blacks from Jo Mortons new Ravenswood collection, and added some other blacks and tans to make it flat out stunning. Hopefully I will have the top done in the next couple of days so you can see it in real life!

Stop by soon and see us, either way!

Piecefully Yours, Carrie

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pieceful Auction a Big Success!

Hello Pieceful Quilters,

I believe a good time was had by all! I know I had fun auctioning off all the wonderful treasures we had been collecting all during the past year!

Katie and the girls kept the auction going by handing me items and running tags out to the winners. There were around 90 items auctioned off, so they were VERY busy!

Items were laid out on tables for customers to look at - except, of course, for the magical mystery bags. Wow - we had some great stuff!

It took a lot of concentration to keep all the goodies straight and not run out of Pieceful Bucks before your favorites came up!

Who couldn't use a giant bag of batting scraps? Perfect for small projects OR the best dust clothes ever!

If you missed this year's auction, never fear - your bucks will still be good when we do this next year. Start collecting more Pieceful Bucks starting in January 2011 so that you can join in the fun next year!

Happy Hunting!


Monday, March 22, 2010

New Quilt Kits & Vending at NSQG

Hello Pieceful Quilters,

I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote in the blog. I was trying to update at least once a week, but you know how that goes.....

Since I last wrote, we had a staff retreat at the lovely Homestead Retreat Center in Hillpoint, Wisconsin. Patsy, our hostess, always makes it a relaxing and carefree weekend. I suggested that she turn it into an Old Quilter's Home in 15 or 20 years when I retire. What a fab idea!

Part of our staff retreat included working on shop projects - mainly, I had to finish the top of a large Karen Witt quilt, Friendship Album, so that Vonnie could quilt it on Tuesday, and we could have it ready for vending at NSQG (Northwest Suburban Quilt Guild) on Thursday night! Crazy! Everyone pitched in and helped me finish the blocks and then I stayed up most of the night putting it together. I may be getting too old to do this - nah - I refuse to succumb!
The rest of the weekend was spent working on some other shop projects and a few things of our own. I worked on my Mystery Quilt, which I hope to have finished (at least partially) by our next meeting, and I finished part of my Sew Simple Pinapple quilt - which I LOVE!
Other people worked on some new samples for our beginner classes, and projects for new classes that we have starting next session. Deb worked on our next project for Sarah's Club - Wow! It is really going to be pretty.
The retreat was a lot of fun, and the Friendship Album quilt got quilted and mostly bound just in time for the meeting, where our friend Karen Witt was speaking. Her talk was fascinating and very informative. I didn't fall asleep even once! I usually have to struggle to stay awake if I sit down at all in the evening!

Here are a few pictures of our vending station:

And some up close pictures of our two new quilt kits - Solitude and Friendship Album:

Solitude Quilt
Karen Witt's Friendship Album Quilt
That's it for now - stop in soon to see these quilts in person and get your kits while they last!
Happy Quilting - Carrie