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Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Monday, April 24, 2017

Civil War Samplings Block #2

Surprise!  I remembered to post this - 2 weeks in a row!  This week in the shop promises to be super busy and super fun!  Mostly, of course, because I think I will be there almost every day.  How did that happen?  I thought I was semi-retired!  Haha - as if....

Hope enjoy this past newsletter - you will find that as I go along, I manage to squeeze more and more on each page.  I just can't stop myself!

Happy Quilting,


Monday, April 17, 2017

Civil War Samplings - Block #1

As I have spent the last couple of days - yes, days - laboring over the simple little newsletter that I will be sending out to a mere 28 people that are members of my Civil War Samplings Club, it occurred to me, that even though people might not want to receive the fabric every month, I bet they might enjoy the newsletter.

In case you are not familiar with the club, it consists of fifteen 10" fabric squares, that we call snippets, personally picked by me.  There is a new set every other month, on the even months.  I try to find fabrics that are from our newer Civil War lines, that coordinate with each other.  Included with the fabric kit is a newsletter with a pattern for a 6" block, which you can easily make from the fabrics in the kit.  I picture a couple of options for you, but you can do as you please.

This is one of our fabric collector clubs.  You can find all of these at:

Pieceful Gatherings Collector Clubs

 I will start from the first newsletter, but you should know that the fabrics pictured are most likely long gone.  If you want the current newsletters (and believe me, they get more involved and lengthy as I go along), you will have to sign up for the club.

As my first newsletter is more than a little light in information, let me give you this link to Womenfolk.com.  You will find this article interesting, and you can find a ton of great information on this website:   http://www.womenfolk.com/quilting_history/friendship.htm

So here is the meager info contained in the first Samplings pack:

I will post another newsletter/block every week until we get caught up.

Hope you enjoy this!