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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sarah's June Quilt

Hello Pieceful Quilters:

Believe it or not, I actually got the top of a little quilt finished for Sarah Club sometime between my two weddings and a baby! It is still not quilted, but maybe this week I will get it done.

In case anyone missed the quilt from last month, I will show that first. The first one below is the antique quilt that we started with. It belongs to Deb, and it has been in her family for a long time.

Antique Broken Dishes Quilt

The pattern is sometimes called Broken Dishes, so we called our quilt Sarah's Broken Dishes:

Sarah's Broken Dishes - I think we captured the feeling of the original - don't you love it?
Kits are available on our website

This month we reproduced a quilt from my collection. The block, when it is pointing up, is called Little Pine Tree, but this quilter had her blocks pointing every which way. I think that when they point sideways they look like the Birds in the Air block, or maybe fishes. The fish thing didn't appeal to me, so I called it Birds in the Pines.

Carrie's Antique Quilt - Birds, Fishies, Pine Trees?

Sarah's Club Reproduction - Birds in the Pines
It is a bit smaller than the original at 23" x 19"!
Kits include Pattern, Backing and Binding for $29.99.

This four-patch on point is an antique doll quilt that I recently aquired. We are thinking about using it for one of our selections next session. We will be adding a daytime group for those of you that get nervous going out at night. Be sure to register on August 7th at our Quilt Show, Barbeque and Discount Registration Day!

Hope to see you all soon!


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