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Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mystery Quilt Photos

Hello Pieceful Quilters,

I know I promised photos of the quilts my Mystery Group made - for those of you that don't do Facebook yet. So without further ado - here they are:

First, and far from the best, is mine. Not nearly enough contrast to show the pattern. Luckily the class listened to me better than I listened to myself:

Carrie's Quilt - Almost Done! Just need to finish the binding.

Marcelline - hers is actually done and waiting to be quilted. I will get her picture with it when she comes to pick it up. It is gorgeous! (Of course I am not laughing in the back there)

Mary L - liked it so much, she did a baby one! (No, she's not an over-acheiver)

Mary K - You can really see the pattern in this one - Good Job!

Mary L2 - Gosh we had a lot of Marys! Maybe that's why we had such a Mary time!
Don't you love the way that cheddar pops in this one?

Laura - aren't those colors fabulous? Great border treatment!

Geri - Picked fabrics based on one border, and didn't like it in the end. It took serious courage to scrap the original border and choose a different one. It was worth the risk - this border really frames it nicely. Beautiful!

Marilyn - Beautiful colors, stunning quilt. Bravo!

The pictures really tell the story. The "Mary" group did an amazing job at making my pattern look faboo! Thanks to all that participated, and - I PROMISE next time the pieces will be bigger and not as numerous! It sure is pretty, though! Good Job!

Happy Quilting!


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