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Monday, May 31, 2010

More from Quilt Market

Hello Pieceful Quilters,

Last week I was almost finished with my Blog entry about market when I was frozen out. Usually the Blog saves itself every few minutes, but not this time (of course). I lost at least an hour's worth of work. Anyway, it was too late to do more (I couldn't stay awake), so I didn't get back to re-doing the captions for the last few photos until yesterday! I would like to say I was super busy all week - but I am not sure what exactly I got done. I did get a lot of things started, though!

Anyway, I had a few more pictures and ideas from Market that I wanted to share with you. There was so much there that I don't think I have really digested all of it yet. Here are a few things that I thought would interest you:

I took this picture at the Bluehill booth. It is the Pink Star quilt that I mentioned in the last Blog post. The picture on the right is of the card from the line that the quilt inspired. This is just part of it! We ordered quite a few of the fabrics from the line. I think you are all going to like these ones. We got our first shipment of Blue Hill Fabrics in the shop this week, Colonial Prints. I am really pleased with the quality of the fabric - I can't wait until my line comes out! They are saying November or December, so I am just holding my breath until then. It is back up on their website, now, so you can go and take a look if you want - Rebecca's Madders. I noticed that they have the Little Pink Stars line up, too. While you are there, check out the House of Seven Gables fabric. I ordered some of that line, too.

This beauty is a reproduction of the quilt that Moda has based their next Collection for the Cause fabric on. The line is called Hope. I am not sure if we are going to do this quilt - it looks a wee bit difficult - but I had to buy most of the fabrics in this gorgeous line.

This is Renee Plains of Liberty Star with her new book from Kansas City Star. We picked up all of her new patterns, including one for the beautiful quilt you see on the bed behind her. We will plan to kit it soon, probably using the new line we just got in from Marcus Brothers, Nottingham Village. It is so pretty!

This is Carol Hopkins and a few of the beautiful quilts from her booth. The one in the corner there is also made with the Nottingham Village line. I wish I had time to make all the quilts I want to make!

Here we have Mary Koval in her booth with the wonderful Baltimore Album quilt that she based her newest line on. She is back with Windham, and they did a great job on her new line. We ordered the main panel and some of the coordinates. It should make a gorgeous "cheater" Baltimore Album quilt (my style!).

This is a Block of the Month quilt designed by Linda Hall of Primitive Pieces by Lynda. She has some beautiful quilt designs. I am hoping to talk one of my teachers into doing this one!

This is another Wool Block of the Month that Debbie liked. She may do it - who knows...

That's all I have from Market. At least, that's all I can remember right now. There are so many things running through my head - well, maybe I had better just get to work!

Happy Quilting - Carrie


  1. Great pictures from Market.... almost like being there. I really like the Moda setting with the LeMoyne Stars. I have a pile of them that I need to set. Hmmm!! And, of course, the pinks from Bluehill are to die for! And, I can't believe how large the Baltimore Album quilt is. Her hand quilting on the close-ups is gorgeous.
    Mary Zenger

  2. Great post market update. Thanks for sharing all the great projects.