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Monday, February 9, 2009

Crazy Stew!

Hello Pieceful Quilters,

I know - I promised Snippet Stew pictures, and here they are:

The first Snippet Stew I did was this blue number:

As you can see, I got a little carried away. I was having so much fun playing with the blue and cream fabrics, I just kept going. This one is a queen made with 100 snippets. More recently I decided to repeat this pattern using wovens, and so was born, "Man Stew." We put together kits for this one, and there are still a few left.

After the first Snippet Stew, I did Snippet Stew #2 - and since I used mostly fabrics from the Regency line, it became Regency Stew. We still have a couple of kits left for this quilt, too.
After Regency Stew I came up with this nifty quilt - Snippet Stew #3 - Hot Crossed Stew:

I just finished putting this one together, and I love it! I can't wait to get it quilted and bound. We have kits for this one, too.
After Hot Crossed Stew came Stew Squared. I am still working on that one. It is a neat square in a square design that I am doing with Civil War snippets. I was not happy with the way it was going together, though - because I got in a hurry and didn't square up the blocks. so I took apart the portion I had sewn together, and I have them all squared up now, however.... I decided that I really like the way this one is turning out - even some of you "bright" people will like it, so I decided to make it a tiny bit bigger. I don't know if we will do kits, or just put together some snippet packets, but this one is going to be really neat.
After the Square Stew, there came Jelly Cake Stew. Vonnie just finished quilting this one and it came out beautifully. I am really happy with this one.

I used one jelly roll and one layer cake (pile of snippets - Moda stole my idea), and some yardage for the border. There was even some fabric left over! Pattern handouts are available for this one.
So, at our Saturday demo a couple of weeks ago, we introduced Snippet Stew #6 - Stewed at the Cabin. Log Cabin has always been my favorite quilt pattern, so I have been trying to come up with a good way to use snippets to create a log cabin block. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, since I really try to use the whole snippet when I make my "stew." I finally came up with a plan that doesn't have too much waste, so if you love scrappy Log Cabin quilts, stop by and pick up your pattern sheet. I am plugging away on that one, and it is going pretty fast, so I should have a finished sample soon.

I also introduced the first Leftover Stew. I have been encouraging you to cut your snippets so that you usually will get a one inch strip (assuming you bought it here) off of one end. I promised ideas for those strips, and so was born Leftover Stew#1 - Leftovers at the Cabin. Basically it is a mini log cabin quilt that I have been using as a thread catcher for quite awhile now. It is actually turning into a full-sized quilt, and I am loving it. The little blocks are so cute, and the full size quilt is simply wonderful. I will have a picture of at least part of that one soon, too. Handouts for this one are also available for $1.00. Get them now before I turn them into a real pattern!
That's all for now - stop by soon and see all the fun things we have been up to!

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