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Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ugly Sweaters?

So, what's this about ugly?   My thought is, "Tis the Season to be Tacky!"  What other time of the year can you wear beautifully gaudy clothing and jewelry and people think you have a great attitude, and not that you shop at the resale shop (even if you did)!?!  Here a couple of sweaters from my personal collection of Seasonal Tackiness:

The one of the left is actually mine!  I bought it at Kohl's at least 20 years ago - maybe more like 30.  It has seen many a holiday party, and more recently a slew of ugly sweater parties on my children.  I am never sure if I am insulted or amused. 

The one on the right may be even more "Vintage."  It belonged to my mother.  The giant buttons, of which several are missing, are decorated as cookies.  Could it get any better than that?  It has also seen a lot of use (and abuse).  I am pretty sure Mom is up in heaven trying to decide if she is insulted or not.  Of course, it is just not the same without her red bow blouse.  She was truly the cat's meow! 

So - you decide - Gloriously Tacky, or Ugly?

Merry Christmas to All!

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  1. Festive. I call it festive. I have several sweaters that I wear every year and people now expect me to wear them. It's kind of my schtick I guess. If it's not a Christmas sweater, it's pins and jewelry. I do love the holidays.