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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I do love Lucy!

Lucy Boston, that is!  It is hard to believe that I have been at this for over a year and I have not started to lose interest!  This is way longer than my ADD usually lets me stay focused on one thing.  It is just so cool when the pieces come  together and create such awesome patterns.  I made a few blocks before I was convinced to start kitting them, so I have quite a few done, or at least planned.  The blocks I have done for kits are below.  To make the kits, I merely glue the fabric on the papers and take a picture, so a good number of these are not really done.  I am really working at catching up right now, though, since I have started Karen Styles, "Mrs. Billings Coverlet."  An English Paper Pieced Medallion Quilt.  Coincidentally, Block 33 is made from Karen's new fabric line, "Victoria Park."

If you are interested in joining me in this obsession, you can sign up to receive 2 block kits every 3-4 weeks.  Kits are usually $5.99 each, but occasionally $6.99 if I use a fabric with a large repeat that requires more fabric to make the block.  In the kits you will receive enough fabric to make the block, and some extra which you should be able to complete some of the setting blocks out of.  If you decide to do the whole quilt, you will need to make 56 blocks.  I will keep kitting blocks as long as there is interest.  You will be responsible for purchasing your own background fabric and a contrast fabric that is used in the setting.  Other items you will need are listed on our website.  Feel free to call the shop if you have questions - (847) 516-7911.

Here is a picture of the original quilt which was made by Lucy Boston in the 1950's. 
Lucy Boston was also a well-know writer who is know for her children's series about the Children of the Green Knowe.  I loved these books when  I was young, so it seems like fate that I would one day be in love with her quilt! 

The blocks shown below can be seen in a larger format on my Pinterest page:
Lucy Boston on Pinterest

 Block 1
 Block 2
 Block 3
 Block 4
 Block 5
 Block 6
Block 7 
 Block 8
 Block 9
 Block 10
 Block 11
Block 12
 Block 13
Block 14 
Block 15 
 Block 16a
 Block 16b
 Block 17
 Block 18
 Block 19
Block 20a 
 Block 20b
 Block 21
 Block 22
 Block 23
 Block 24
 Block 25
 Block 26
 Block 27
 Block 28
 Block 29 Bonus
Block 29
 Block 30
 Block 31
Block 32
 Block 33
Block 34
Block 35
Block 36
 Block 37
Block 38
 Block 39
 Block 40
Block 41
Block 42
Block 43
Block 44

Thought for the day - 15 minutes a day will eventually get  you a quilt!

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