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Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Saturday, May 9, 2015

To Market, To Market

Hello Pieceful Quilters!

Next week we leave for Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  We are pretty excited this time, since Diane and I will be talking a little bit about Diane's wonderful American Summer BOM at the Penny Rose Schoolhouse session.  The quilt is all finished, and Teresa is quilting it now:
 We are hoping that showing the finished sample will convince some other shops around the country to pick it up for a BOM project.  Diane did such a great job of writing the pattern and putting together great kitting instructions for shops.  Since we have our own shop, we know what kind of challenges shop owners face when trying to kit things.  There is a fine line between having enough fabric in a kit to allow for operator error, or having too much so that people feel like you are overselling to them.

American Summer starts in our shop in June, so if you are planning on doing it, either in the shop or by mail, please sign up soon!  We will probably start cutting the kits when we get back from Market, since the fabric arrived yesterday!   Katie does have it set up so that you can sign up on our website at www.piecefulgathering.com under Shop Online/Block of the Month Quilts & Clubs.

My next fabric line, Samantha, is not coming out until September, but Penny Rose sent me some small pieces of the strike-offs to do something for Market.  Here is what I have so far - I am still doing some borders, but I am really loving this fabric!  The double pinks may look a little bright in this picture, but if the fabric prints the same as the strike-offs, you are all going to love these double pinks.  They are dead on authentic colors, and they look so great with the deep rich browns and tans.  I have a couple of real quilt designs for this one, but I have been playing with ideas for a BOM for this one, too.  (In my spare time - hah!)  We will also take pre-orders for Fat Quarter bundles of this line.  You can see both of these lines at Penny Rose Fabrics, and order on our website.

So there you are - I have not blogged twice in a week!  Stay tuned for more Pieceful Babble soon!

Happy Quilting - Carrie

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