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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sarah's Sewing Circle - Summer Session Plans

Hello Pieceful Quilters,

It is hard to believe that May is already ending!  I lost a week somewhere, but Katie and Diane helped me pull together a great little quilt for the first meeting of Sarah's Sewing Circle this session.  The quilt is based on this antique top from my collection:
Antique Quilt that inspired Criss-Cross Applesauce

We had wanted to use Jo Morton's beautiful Carolina collection for something, and this seemed to be the perfect choice.  It is pretty quick and simple, and, of course, kits are available.  Of course, if you were a member of Sarah's Club, you would have received 15% off at the first meeting.  You can join this club at any time, and we are especially looking for daytime members.  Call the shop to sign up and pay only for the remaining meetings this session. 
Criss-Cross Applesauce
Sarah's Sewing Circle, May 2011 - Kits Available

   We talked a little about changing the format of Sarah's Sewing Circle a little bit.  We will still have a project each month - sometimes biggish and sometimes small - sometimes both!  I would also like to make it into more of a real sewing circle.  Of course, that means some hand work.  For those of you that want to learn a new skill, we started an English Paper Piecing project.  If you that have been in Sarah's Club for awhile, this will not be a new skill, but we will be doing hexagons this time, instead of diamonds.  Here is my ongoing hexagon quilt project.  It is still growing:

If you want to do the hexagons, we will be working on those next time, again.  Talk to me if you have questions about what to bring.  If you don't want to do hexagons, you can work on your own favorite hand project - bindings, embroidery, knitting, etc.  We also talked about doing a little reading.  I am hoping to read Gone With the Wind - one of my all time favorites.  It seemed appropriate, somehow.  If you guys have other ideas that excite you more, I am easy - but you know that.

Next month I will also have a project based on a quilt that is owned by one of our members:

 Blocks from quilt owned by Club Member Karen Schultz
Inspiration for upcoming Quilt, Karen's Stars our June project

I haven't started it yet (there's a shock), so I am not sure how large I will do it.  Maybe I will give you a choice?
Karen's Star Block - Quilt to come
You will also get instructions for our quarter-square triangle exchange.  We will be doing this with Triangulations Software print-outs so that the blocks will be easy and accurate.  Here is the inspiration for this project:

Sarah's Hourglass Sashed

The exchange will take place at our July meeting.  You will be able to choose your own sashing if pink isn't your color.

Finally, in August, we will be duplicating this wonderful quilt that I acquired recently.  I am in love with this quilt, and I can't wait to get started on it.  I will probably do it full-size, but I will definitely have options for you to do it in smaller sizes, or as a tablerunner - or something like that....
Sarah's Checks and Steps
So, that is the plan for this session.  I am always open to suggestions - this is your club.
Hope to see some new faces next month and in the future - come and join the fun!

Piecefully Yours,


  1. I love all of your upcoming projects. I have been wanting to do hexagons forever - sure wish I lived closer to you!

  2. I may have bid against you for that quilt! It is wonderful, and I'm excited to see your version!