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Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Monday, August 9, 2010

4th Anniversary Quilt Show Pix

Hello Pieceful Quilters:

Wow! What a weekend! Our 4th Annual Anniversary Celebration, Barbeque, Quilt Show, Registration and all around good time, was wonderful. I put a lot of pictures on Facebook, because it is much easier to upload things there, but I know some of you haven't taken that plunge yet, so here is a little bit of a virtual quilt show for you. I will probably add more pictures and captions in a day or so, once I figure out who all the winners are, and get pictures of the winning quilts with their owners. For now, here is a pictorial synopsis of the day:

Katie & I before the show - Yes, we were actually ready before the doors opened!

Katie with Vonnie, one of our Longarm Quilters:

My Wonderful Husband, Tony with sons, John on the Left and Mike on the right.
Ready to get things going!

So many wonderful Vendors and Local Businesses to thank! Our show would not have been the success it was without them:

Please be sure to visit these local Businesses:

Vicki Madigan
Quilts2Go Trips, Tours, and More
(224) 848-1990

CarX Auto Service - Fox River Grove
(847) 639-1597

Brunch Cafe - Fox River Grove
(847) 516-0409

Atrium Arts, Ltd. - Cary
(847) 516-1413

Kathy Dzubin at Sheer Madness - Cary
(847) 530-6490

Susan Peterson
Massage Polarity Therapy - Crystal Lake
(815) 444-9910

Sandy Schweitzer
AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser - Crystal Lake
(815) 459-5545

Jennifer Koralik
Cary Grove Photography - Fox River Grove
(224) 622-4671

Ringers Landscape Services
(847) 989-5593

Cary Physical Therapy
(847) 516-8095
Distinctive Designs by Roberta Lynn
Flowers & Gifts - Island Lake

Debbie, Demi & Jessica waiting for the Show to start

Rebecca's Madders Quilt - Owned by Sandy Schweitzer
This is the quilt that my fabric line is based on. It is now supposed to come out in December - I haven't turned blue, yet.

Famous Person Siting! Kathy Tracy came to see the show. She has a tiny picture of her next book pinned on to her blouse. The title is still a secret, but I can tell you it is going to fit into our shop perfectly - as usual. Can't wait to see the book in real life!

Julia T. and Mary Z. a couple of our sainted White Glove Ladies

Madelyn Anderson and her helper judge the quilts. This section had the quilts from our Sarah's Circle Sewing Club.
Some Pix from the Show

A Few of the Entrants and Winners
(more to come)

Izzy - our youngest entrant with her cute little pink and green quilt.

Tricia with her Sew Simple Pineapple Quilt

Violet Klein - the big winner of the show - Second place in the bed size category and Viewer's Choice! Congratulations Violet!

After the Show

Diane and Mary L relax on the deck

Demi & Dave --- Waiting for more great food!
Tony with my Dad ----- Samantha
Jenn -Mike's Wife ----- Katie, B-I-L, Luke & Husband, Mark
John & Girlfriend Kristen ----- Tony, my long-suffering Husband
That's all for now - I need to get the weekly newsletter out. We have much to do before the end of the session! Yikes!
Thanks to all that came to our show, put your quilts in our show, and especially all of our wonderful staff members and volunteers that came together to make this happen.
Happy Quilting,
Carrie & Katie

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh that REbeccas madder quilt is AMAZING I hope you will be making a pattern from it and kitting it when your new fabric line comes out
    I am very excited I never can find great madders. I will be stocking up!
    please keep us posted as to when they are available, PLEASE!!!!

    now to go back and look at the rest of the quilts!