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Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elegant Wool Garden BOM

The spring session flew by and the upcoming summer session has really caught me off guard. I haven't been as prepared for my new Block-of-the-Month, Elegant Wool Garden, as I would have liked to have been. When we sent the newsletter to print, I still wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with these beautiful blocks. My original plan was to put them together with no sashing and have a border with some more wool applique. After making all of the blocks and laying them out, I decided that they really needed sashings. They are all so beautiful that they each need to be framed and seen separately. As I was coming to this realization, the perfect sashing fabric happened to be right in front of my face. Here is a photoshoped picture of what it will look like with the sashings. (Don't look too close because not all of the blocks are done and it's not actually put together yet).

The sashing I used is a Japanese fabric that I think works just perfectly with the blocks. So, I guess if I had done a better job of planning, I would have made it clear in the newsletter that the starting fee of $40 includes all your background wool and this beautiful Japanese fabric to sash the blocks in (you'll get that at the end). Something else I realized a little too late is that this would be really nice done on a white wool background as well. For those of you that don't like things as dark as I do, you can choose to do this on white and then it will be sashed in this lighter version of the sashing fabric.

Either way, I am loving this project and I think it will be a great B.O.M. As it says in the newsletter, we will make two blocks each month and be done with it in five months. Each month, you'll get a kit that includes two block patterns (the patterns are really nice and already reversed for you), and the demos will focus on different embellishment techniques.
Hope to see you all on Saturday!

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